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Photo of Harmonizing Pear Cleanser

Cleansing your face is the most important part of any skin routine, and it often gets overlooked, that's why we designed the Harmonizing Pear Cleanser! This product was designed to help all skin types & tones achieve the most beautiful, glowing and healthy complexion, without stripping the skin barrier!


Our organically crafted Prickly Pear Seed Oil, is the heart of this cleanser because of its incredible ability to promote smoother and brighter skin, while also improving skin tone, moisture content, and balancing oil production. Each ingredient was chosen because of its ability to work with all skin types & tones. Borage Oil, Blue Tansy Oil & Seabuckthorn Oil provide healing and antioxidants to the skin, while Grapefruit Oil & Vetiver Oil aid in balancing skin tone and texture and providing anti-bacterial & anti-microbial benefits for the most efficient and healthy skin cleanse!


This product is a bit different from the usual cleansers on the market, because it goes onto dry skin and is removed with dampened cotton pads or a clean soft washcloth (this method has been used for centuries in many different cultures)! We designed it this way to prevent it from damaging your skin barrier, and provide a deep clean to the face without it feeling dry or tight!

Harmonizing Pear Cleanser


What can this cleanser help with?

- Acne-prone skin

- Normal skin

- Aging skin

- Fine lines & wrinkles

- Sensitive skin

- Uneven skin tone

- Skin discoloration

- Oily skin

- Dry or itchy skin

- Red or Rosacea prone skin

- Eczema or Psoriasis prone skin

- Hyperpigmented skin

- Acne scarring

... and much more!

This cleanser was tested on hundreds of beautiful faces, at our founders skin studio in North Carolina, and each-and-every person reacts beautifully! Astria Skincare truly prides itself on thoroughly testing and vetting this product before bringing it to market!

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